Internet English- Introduction

Hi. Let me introduce myself. My name is Violette. I am 22years old. I graduated Youido girls high school. I have five family members; my sister(my twin), my brother, and my parents. I am fraternal twin. So we are twins but we looked totally different. And my twin is better than me on everything. (her appearance, personality, and talent) . I also have a brother who is a year older than me and my twin. We are all very close to each other and have many good memories o f childhood.

Anyway, now I want to talk about my summer vacation. I wanted to hit the book this vacation . So I went to English academy in Norayngjin everyday to learn English. I studied grammar and reading for 5hours everyday there. And I did part time job in GS25 convienience store for the first time in my life to pay for my expensive academy tuition fee. Because my sister and my brother and me we are all undergraduate students. So our total college tuition fee is very expensive. My father have spent most of his life time raising money to support our education. So this time I wanted to earn money by myself. I worked in convenience store for 7 hours on weekend. It was fun and really good experience for me.

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And every Wednesday, I went to Chungjeongno bunker ‘다스뵈이다’ with my sister and brother to watch politics podcast . This podcast is the most popular politics podcast in our country. I usually watch this podcast on Yutube but I really wanted to go there one day. Many lawmakers and politicians come to this bunker to explain their views on our country’s political situation and for election analysis with fun. There were so many young people like us as many other universities also started vacation. It was really fun and great experience to watch this directly.

I think I lived and spent my summer vacation productively than ever before.



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