Blog 2: Free Blog – Problem of capitalism


I watched a lecture on the Internet two days ago. This lecture is a lecture for freshmen and the woman in the picture is one the most famous society lecturers on the Internet. The woman is talking about the problem of capitalistic system. Before she begin her lecture, she said .. “Congratulations on your entering college! but unfortunately… it will not be a utopia ahead of your life, instead there will be a hell . You are all the products of the age of capitalism. If you can’t increase your value as products in capitalistic society, you will be abandoned and eliminated from society like the stocks piled up in a factory.”



She says that most people today can’t live an leisurely, healthy life. We all struggle everyday for survival. For example, me and my friends all study very hard constantly. And many of us do part time job on weekend to raise money. My parents also have worked so hard for most of their life time to raise money for us. We studied hard in high school before we came to this University. But we still need to study hard to get A+ on every classes. And after we graduate, we need to compete far more harder to get a job. We are living in the era of limitless competition. So sometimes we can’t afford to feel happiness and live comfortable lives. I sometimes wonder whether I’m studying to live or I’m living to study. The teacher in this video studied even harder than me when she was young. So she went to the best University (Seoul national university) in our country. She is a very well-packed product that capitalism requiring. But she said she is still living busy lives and can’t enjoy her life. She said she still can’t sleep more than 3 hours everyday. She point out this problem. We are not enjoying our lives leisurely. At the end of this video, she proposes a solution to it. . She said that if you just study hard to consider how much money you will make in choosing your job, then you will just live and end your life as a faithful slave of capitalism. This is not a meaningful life. Then we’re just one of the parts of machine where capitalism works.


So this woman suggest us to consider something. First, no matter what kind of job we choose and no matter what dream we have, the most important thing to keep in mind is that that job should have good infuences in our society in any way. She said we need to study hard to be a positive influences on others , not for our own success and selfish money making. In other words, we all need to be irrespacable people to make the world a better place in our respective fields . This video helps me to realize many things and to study hard with good motivation.

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