Blog 8: My opinion about Jimin’s atomic bomb T-shirt.


Jimin wore a T-shirt celebrating the called Korean National Liberation Day from Japan, a T-shirt which supported the American atomic nuclear agains Japan during 2nd World War, with words that in theory were pro-Korean freedom, such as ‘liberation’ and ‘


patriotism’. The T-shirt with the words “patriotism our history liberation Korea” printed a few dozen times across the back. The T-shirt commemorated National Liberation Day (August 15th, liberation from Japan’s colonial rule) so it has the point of the mushroom cloud from the atomic bomb and Korean people cheering with their hands up for Liberation Day..This photo was taken last year on August 15, National Liberation Day of Korea. Well… first of all, I think it was a bad move. His stylist problably picked it out but somebody should have stopped and took a look at the shirt and questioned if it was a good idea. He was a little bit careless.. If he really wanted to celebrating liberation day… why the bombing? Nuclear bomb doesn’t necessary and directly means the liberation day of Korea from Japan. This kind of issue is very sensitive issue between Korea and Japan… And Jimin also learned this in history class when he was young… if he knew the meaning of that… he shouldn’t have wore that T-shirt.. regardless of his intention, I think he should had be more careful with his behavior….because he is not just an individual… his behavior affect to his fans and many young people. I personally don’t like Japan.. but that was undoubtedly a sensitive issue for the Japanese… I read


one comment from our country’s people “Bashing the Japanese= the right thing to do.” There are some Korean online commenters who are supportive and feel great satisfaction of Jimin’s shirt…. I understand very well the feeling that Korean hate Japan….but if we think about in terms of right and wrong.. it’s wrong….Because the atomic bomb that was dropped by the U.S military on Hiroshima resulted in at least 70000 civillian deaths, with some estimates of the loss of non-combatant life at more than 120000…. hundreds of thousands of innocent people died after that two atomic bombs… It was clearly controversial..But one thing that I couldn’t understand about Japan is that the Japanese TV channel Asahi canceled Asahi’s performance on Friday night… the day before the performance….can’t understand that…


But instead, if I were the stylist of Jimin and if I really wanted to celebrate our liberation day by not causing controversy , I would make Jimin ‘s T-shirt like this… (Look at the picture on the left) Let me share you a long story to tell you why… Have you ever heard about Ahn Jeung geun? I respect him…. I looove him…. If I have to choose one most respectable person in our country’s history textbook, I’ll definitely say Ahn jung geun….!!!he was a Korean-independence activist who sacrificed his whole life for our country’s liberation during the Japanese colonial Rule…. who killed Hirobumi Ito (prime minister of Japan)…even though the Nagashaki atomic bomb eventually caused our country’s independence, without Ahn jeung geun…. our country’s liberation was almost impossible..


He cut off the tip of his ring finger with other eleven independence activists as they swore to work to restore our country’s sovereignty…. In blood, they wrote “Korean Independence!!” on the national flag, pledging that they would devote themselves to our country’s independence. So I think their fingers show the very sacrifice for our independence and the love for our country. After he assassinated Ito Hirobumi, he was arrested by Russian guards who held him for two days before turning him over to Japanese colonial authorities. But even in the


court and when he was imprisoned , Ahn didn’t lose his dignity…. he insisted that he be treated as a prisoner of war, as a lieutenant general of the Korean resistance army, instead of a criminal.. and he bravely listed 15 reasons why Ito Hirobumi should be killed…and he said that killing Ito Hirobumi was just a righteous war for the peace of East Asia.


As you can expect, he was sentenced to the death penalty in the court… but he said “The verdict already know.. Is there no more severe punishment?” 😳When he was in prison, his mother Maria Jo who felt so proud of his son… sent him a letter..



“Dear my proud Son.

If you think that you are undutiful son, because dying first before your mother. That thinking just will bring me into derision.

Your death is the greatest responsibility for not only just you but it also carries all of Chosun’s righteous indignation.

If you are to lodge an appeal, that means just begging your life to the Japanese Government.


You decided to die for your country, don`t be double-mindedness…do bravely lay down your life..

You did right conduct for country, and then you were punished honorable. Dying honorably instead of begging your life like a coward is an act of filial duty.

Maybe, I think that this is my last letter to you in this world. I had tearily made your shroud, and send to you with this letter. Keep this one with you when you go to the execution ground.

I don`t want to meet you again in this world, I assure that we can meet again in the peaceful kingdom heaven later. At that time, Korea also will have become independence from Japan.”

After read this letter, Ahn jung geun decided not to lodge an appeal, and decided to die. and he cared about his country’s future within an inch of his life.. so just before he died he wrote a book “동양평화론” in prison to hand down the reasons why he had to fight against Japan to his offspring…

ddfdf5 minutes before Ahn died.

“After I died, please be buried me near the Harbin park. And then, when Korea will have become the independence country, please move me to my homeland. Also, I will continuously pray for the independence of Korean in the heaven.

I am going to be glad and cry “Hurruh”, when the sound of independence reaches in the heaven.”

That’s why I think the second picture (the picture that people are cheering hurray on Independence day) in Jimin’s shirt will be more suited with Ahn’s finger picture than with atomic bomb…..Because in my opinion, it contains more quiet strength and dignity than atomic bombing…it shows our ancestor’s devotion to our country. Independence day it’s more meaningful for us if we remember the sacrifices of people who fought for our country’s independence…


I think Jimin’s atom bomb T-shirt was imprudent because it didn’t consider the civilian’s deaths but this T-shirt is different. if BTS members wear this T-shirt, some Japanese can feel bad but Ahn didn’t kill the civillians… he killed the people who have the great responsibility of japan’s oppressive colonial rule. so they can feel bad but they can’t deny that he is our hero of our independence . And BTS are also Koreans… They have right to be exacrly who they are… If this T-shirt can really be made…I’ll buy it right now and will proudly wear that T-shirt while walking around the Japan street…without any compunction..😜😝


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